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Get listed on our directory and be seen by thousands of visitors looking for discounts
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Get leads that interact with your page to target them later
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Create some serious FOMO by creating a limit supply for your discount
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We make sure the transaction happens 100% on your platform so you collect 100% of the revenue. You're welcome.
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What makes us different?
Learn how launching on Early Birds can be the best decision you ever made for your business
1. No Revenue Sharing

Instead of taking 10-50% of every sale we decided to give you 100% of YOUR sale. The only money we collect is the small yearly membership fee.

2. Lead Generating tool

We deliver a list the list of leads that have interacted with your listing each month. This way you can continue to deliver incredible content to our users in the future, and continue to grow your business.

3. No limit on the number of Listings

Launch a discount on your business as many times as you like. Turn on listings that are doing well and pause those that aren't.

4. Fast and easy setup

No need to set up your bank account, verify your information, and pass our DNA testing exam..... Just sign up, list your business discount, and watch the leads/sales come in.

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